Thursday, 19 July 2012

Getting Sand In Your Goblins

    On my previous Blog I showed you my entry for PlaidHat Games' Summoner Wars fan art contest. Well I enjoyed doing that one so much I had a pop at another, so I present to you in this Blog Krusk Summoner of the Sand Goblins.

The Original Card

    Here is the original card from the game. Krusk the summoner of the Sand Goblins, a survivalist faction that knows how to wriggle out of a tight spot.

The New Image

    Looking at the original character I liked the goggles on his head so wanted move them over his eyes on my one, and also change them to circular. I also like a good set of teeth so started there and worked out. I also gave him a bandanna as it gives him a more pirate or bandit feel.

The New Card

    So with the art done I mock up a card and here we have my version of Krusk, a summoner at home in the sands, just waiting to ambush you.

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