Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Siberian Dawn - A Development Update

   Facebook tells me it has been been a while since I posted about Siberian Dawn, in fact the last thing I mentioned was being in ImagineFX, and I have had the next issue since then. Where does the time go when you are not paying attention?

   So as the end of the year approaches and it has been mentioned in a couple of places that Siberian Dawn is coming out this year I thought maybe a development update might be due.

It's December, I still can't see that game yet...

   First thing to say is that Siberian Dawn will not be out this year, and this is for a few reasons.

   I have decided to expand some areas of the game, including additional missions in the first expansion pack, and with extra bits in the game this means extra artwork. Now you may or may not be aware that Siberian Dawn is a one man project so when I come up with a great new unit to include in the game I have to program and draw that new unit for the game. Adding more time to the project will allow me to get this extra art done and also make sure the game matches the goals that I want for it, to be the best single player deck building experience possible.

   With the art I am also unhappy about some of the characters and again want to spend a bit more time getting them right for the world. The more art I can put in the project hopefully the greater the experience for the player. This also relates to the story, and I want to flesh out some of the background a bit more so the path forward in the game is rewarding experience.

   I have had a lot of likes on Facebook but not really much in the way of comments so from my side I don’t see much of a demand for the game this year, so again pushing it back a few months is not going to leave many upset. And releasing a game in December might actually be a bad idea as people are focusing on the holiday season.

   So Siberian Dawn will be out in 2016.

2016 or I will hunt him down...

   The current state of the game is fully playable on PC and Android, but with some missions to add and additional information presentation.
   The plan at the moment is to have the base game free with the Training Run mission, a simple mission, with two units, that will let you see how the game plays. There will then be an expansion pack that gives you the rest of the Union and Guild units along with the first chapter of the game, five missions and a bonus mission.
   Future chapter expansions will then alternate between small packs that give you additional missions, and big ones that add new units and missions to go with them. The release of these chapters will of course count on there being demand for extra material for the game.

   So you may not have heard anything from the project recently but rest assured I am busy working on it and making sure it will be the best game it can be, because I don’t see the point in rushing out something that will be substandard.

No Siberian Dawn for Christmas...


   To make things interesting and follow those Kickstarters with their stretch goals I want to set a little target ourselves. If I get over 50 likes on Facebook I will put up a video of the game so far, a sample from a mission, and maybe more.

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