Sunday, 15 July 2012

Imagine The Filth

    PlaidHat Games the makers of Summoner Wars, which I reviewed in my other Blog previously -, are currently running a fan art contest where you can re-imagine one of the summoners from the game. So I decided to have a go at it and below is my version of the Demagogue summoner of the Filth.

The Original Card

    Here is the original card from the game. The Demagogue the summoner of the Filth a demon worshiping faction that is all about mutation and dark rituals.

The New Image

    Taking this original character I then thought of the mutation aspect of the faction and imagined him with the mutation taken to an extreme level on himself, but still keeping the recognizable elements of the original character. So lots of tentacles bursting from his cloak was a central idea.

 The New Card

    So with the art done I then put him back on the card and here is the final art. The summoner of the Filth pushing his powers over the limit.

    It was interesting taking a character that already existed and changing him in my own way. We shall see how he does in the competition, and any comments here are appreciated as always.

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