Monday, 1 October 2012

Finding The Core

    Looking at what I was doing recently on the internet I realised I had spread myself here and there with all my art and writing, but I didn't have one place that people could visit that contained it all. So with this in mind I decided I needed a core, a website where I could put all my work and easily control how I presented what I was doing. A place people would hopefully get to know as the one location to see all about Winterflood.

W - The Core

    When I decided I wanted to create a site the obvious first job to do was see that is out there already from my fellow artists and writers, and if I am honest I was surprised by what I found. There seem to be too many who had just slapped their work on a site with no concern for how it was presented. We are supposed to be creative people so we should be presenting our work in a creative fashion, one that reflects our work. The website should be an extension of the artist in my opinion, a reflection of who they are and the type of work they do.

Golden Dreams - A Warm Welcome

   Now after a few weeks of hard work, and remastering of some old pieces along the way, I can now announce that my website is up and running. It contains a large selection of my art in tasteful galleries, and also pages about the various books I have done.

What Kept You? - A New Face

    I hope you all enjoy visiting this new site and I look forward to sharing many new pieces of work and news there in the future. Let me know what you think as I am always glad to hear from you all.


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