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The Last Mask - Tradition

Joseph didn't have a face, and on this most important of nights this was a problem, for tonight Joseph was supposed to become a clown.

Stories are not born of the light. They are the stuff of shadows, creeping from the darkness as we huddle around the flames. This is a tale of where those stories come from, the world that inspires the decadence of the theatrical, the dreams of the artist; a realm called the Joke.

Dragged into the game of power by a killer with a grin, and his silent mime, Joseph embarks on a surreal journey of misfits and madness, through a world of theatrical excess and Gothic splendour, accompanied by a friend who may well end up holding more secrets than the rest put together.

As Joseph leaves his life in the circus behind him we ask what price is the cost of power. What secrets hide behind the masks of those willing to help the boy who has no face? The answers lie within the Joke, and Joseph will soon realise that a family’s traditions run deeper than he knew, as he steps upon the stage of this epic play.

As traditions fall, and the boy searches for his identity, the world of the Joke unfolds around him. A game of cosmic mirth played out before the eyes of those who no longer see, with the key to power hanging in the balance between the flames and what lurks beyond, for the one who will be.

Shadows gather and the darkness awaits the punchline, for tonight the show will not go on.

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