Thursday, 17 May 2018

A Siberian Roadmap Laid Bare

In this Blog I want to talk about the Mission packs of Siberian Dawn and how they fit together to tell the story, and how the release of these expansions fits into the game. All of the following information has be thoroughly checked by the Silentium Guild but is subject to alteration depending on the whims of the people.

The base game will be free and with this you get Training Run, a special mission that gives you a taste of the full game with a single objective and 2 units that you can recruit. The first Mission pack will then add the Core game along with 3 missions and 18 extra units to recruit. It also adds the Bond system which gives you a choice of 4 different groups you can align with at the start of a mission.

The story of Siberian Dawn is split up into Mission Packs with each Pack containing 3 Missions, and the whole story will cover 36 missions. The Missions packs are further organised into Chapters and Blocks. A Chapter comprises 2 Mission packs and will be set in one location, so the whole story will take place over 6 locations. The first Chapter is set in an Industrial Habitation of the Union, one of its sprawling cities, and will have its hostile units and events based around this setting.

A Block will contain 2 Chapters, 4 Mission packs, and introduces new units for the Overseer to use. A Block will start with an extra large Mission Pack that contains two new Unit Blocs, with about 20 new unique units to use in the game from that point on in the story. The first 2 Blocs are the ones for the Union and the Guild and contain 18 units as the first 2 units came with Training Run. Future Blocs will be the Packs of the Mercenaries, the rogues of the Free, the mystical Circle, and the religious Juggernauts.

The price of the first Mission Pack in each Block should be £1.98, as you are getting the new Unit blocs included, and the normal Mission Packs should be 99p. Originally Mission packs were going to be 6 Missions for double the price, but splitting them up lets me get the game out sooner, and hopefully have the release of future mission packs with a smaller gap than the initial plan. It also allows me to focus more on the smaller pack and the 3 missions. Mission Pack 1 will be available at game launch. The Android and PC prices will be the same as each other as I don’t believe in charging PC owners more for owning a PC.

So to break it down here is the structure of Siberian Dawn:

3 Blocks > 6 Chapters > 12 Mission Packs > 36 Missions.

60 unique units to recruit and a whole lot of hostile forces to use them against.

There may be additional stand-alone Mission packs and special Unit packs if the demand is there in the future, but for now this is how I see the game release progressing, and I hope this has given you a good idea of what is to come.


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