Friday, 4 May 2018

The Path To The Dawn Officially Starts Here

 Welcome to the official blog for Siberian Dawn, and as the title declares, the path to Siberian Dawn starts right here today.

Siberian Dawn is a digital deck building card game for PC and Android where you play the role of an Overseer in the grim industrial world of the Union. The Union is under threat from the rise of a cult called the Dawn and as a new Overseer recruit you find yourself thrown into the middle of this rising danger.

Across the many missions the story will unfold, detailing the secrets of the Dawn and how its corruption spreads to the very heart of the Union. You will recruit allies, use tactical actions, and control resources to complete objectives, while keeping your contacts in the shadows happy.

 On this path to the release of Siberian Dawn I want to talk about many of the features in the game, and the Lore system that it at its heart, and also share details about the world of the Union itself. Hopefully this will be an interesting journey for everyone, and I also look forward to hearing what people think of what I am sharing on here.

Imagine it is a Kickstarter without you having to put money in upfront, a journey to get you excited about what is to come and to get me excited about getting it to you, although I am already getting excited about how it coming together, but more excitement always helps.

 After 5 years in development the game is now having the final few elements finished, narrative being polished, and missions tested, and without any unforeseen problems it is on target for release towards the end of this year.

So join me on the path to the Dawn and spread the word…


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