Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cover Story

    I present to you today a special preview of my upcoming book that should be out this year, a collection of short stories that all share one common theme, although I won’t reveal what that theme is at this point.

    So I will let you see the art right now and leave you to maybe ponder what is lurking inside when arrives.

    The art obviously relates to one of the stories inside the book, but is it Science Fiction, or maybe that terribly popular Steam Punk, who knows? Well I do but this is all I am revealing for now.

    Here is also a short video showing the making of the cover from the early sketches to finished art. As you can see the title was placed right from the start so I could work the art around it, and the layout of borders and text matches my other covers for a consistency of work.


    Hope you enjoyed this special preview of the future book’s cover, and this little Blog showing it, and that you are now looking forward to reading the stories that lay inside, when they are finished.