Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy would probably sum up those rare occasions when I have had someone to possibly enjoy Valentine’s Day with, the emphasis being on ‘possibly’. So I therefore tend to avoid the day and even at one time, when I worked in a shop, booked the day off so I didn’t have to witness the event.

So as this day draws around again my thoughts were drawn to my novel, The Last Mask, and all the love that is in it, and you thought it was all darkness and death didn’t you?

The novel starts off with a bit of unrequited love, adds a bit of brotherly love, and sprinkles the love of family and friends in for good measure, all in the opening act. The rest of the novel goes on to cover such variations as doomed lovers, the love of two clowns for each other, which we will quickly pass over, and a bit of self-love from one particular ego maniac. So much love in all its forms that maybe I should have pitched it as a romance novel, or not…

And there you have it; a novel that at first appears to be filled with a lot to fear actually has a lot of love to give, if you look in the right place. But then again some might say that love is something people fear, so maybe the book is all about fear after all.

I hope those that have a good Valentine’s Day to look forward to enjoy it, and to those who don’t I hope you manage to avoid its horrors. And I leave you with the opening of Act 4 of The Last Mask, a chapter appropriately called - A Romantic Comedy.

Love is but a chain we tie around ourselves, a prison for our souls. So easy to fall into the pit of its embrace, but so hard to climb back out of its oblivion, we believe we are free, free to choose, and free to believe what we see, but that is a lie. Fate’s hand will play us with its tune, and love’s chains will imprison us like a fool, we are but the stuff of life, and it will take us where it will. Returning to a love once lost is a place that no mortal should go, a place full of memories that can never be again, and full of hope that will forever be lost, for within this place lurks a shadow, full of hate and regret. So now a romantic comedy, of dark proportions, awaits our fools on this quest.


  1. Replies
    1. It is nice to know I made at least one lady smile on Valentine's Day.

  2. A great post and a wonderful quote from your book, The Last Mask. Beautiful prose.

    1. Thank you, each Act in the novel starts with a paragraph like this, foreshadowing what is to come in that Act. Obviously I have to put the deep and serious head on at that point :)